Dakhla Kite Coaching Week - August 2015

A 7 day trip that will give you a chance to push your kiteboarding level, learn some new tricks, and gain confidence in your riding! With a kite coach who is a multiple world champion title holder.... what more could you ask for?


Kari is back once again… and we will be heading to Dakhla from August 17th to 24th for a week of sunshine, wind and kitesurf coaching.


A 7 day package that includes the following:


– 7 nights accommodation in Dakhla Spirit – Surf Bungalows on the shore of the lagoon (www.dakhlaspirit.com)

– great food each day! Lovely fresh fruit, moroccan crepes, juice, coffee etc for breakfast, and loads of fresh fish, chicken, salads, tagines and cous cous for lunch and dinner!!

– option to visit loads of different spots in 4×4 all around the lagoon. Barbecues at the spot and loads of excursions.

– photos of the week from our pro photographer Svetlana

– Coaching with Kari Schibevaag! 2hrs in the mornings, 2 hrs in the afternoons, for 5 days… 2 days for freeriding… what else do you need?? 


To get to Dakhla, you need to fly via Agadir with www.royalairmaroc.com Once you arrive to Dakhla airport (VIL) we will come to collect you and bring you to the camp.


There are various great wave spots located close by also for anyone who wants to go, so its not all flat water! The spot, although remote, is a great place to stay with lovely, cosy bungalows located right on the waters edge. With a restaurant and beach bar, areas to chill in the sun, grab a beer and watch the sun go down, Dakhla is a dream kite spot.


Kari Schibevaag is a pro kiter with many world champion titles that she has accumulated over the years in both kitesurfing and snow kiting. She has been running camps with us for more than 5 years now. Not only is she a great coach but she is a lovely person, good fun and always laughing!


Dakhla is a kitesurf paradise… located on the edge of the Moroccan Sahara. A 45 kilometre lagoon with amazing flat water spots, endless amounts of space, perfect wind conditions and sunshine throughout the year. All of this located just a few hours from Europe. 


The wind blows generally from the north east, and you can expect anything from 14 to 35 knots. The months of July and August are the strongest. The wind is lighter in the mornings and picks up around 2pm until the sun goes down.


Best to always bring all kite sizes that you have … but there is also a fully equipped kite centre that has RRD equipment available for rental if you need it.


Our day to day routine is pretty simple. Wake up at around 8, have some breakfast overlooking the lagoon, and as soon as we are all ready, hit the water. The good thing about Dakhla is that you generally get wind all day long. So after a good morning session, with coaching from Kari both on and off the water, we then take a little lunch break. After lunch , its good to take a little time to chill, have a tea, a sleep, whatever you need, and then get ready for the afternoon session. Once we are done, we all get together for a drink and watch the sun go down, and catch up about what we have all learnt or need to work on. Our photographer Svetlana will be taking photos for everything that we can all have at the end of the trip.


Its all about learning, progressing, pushing our selves and above all having fun. This is our 5th year organising camps in Dakhla, so we know what we are doing, and we always make sure that we get the best conditions and have the most fun possible!


All the below prices are per person for 7 nights, and include the coaching with Kari, airport transfers, all meals including water, equipment storage area, security boat cover, and photo coverage. Flights and equipment are not included.


There are a variety of options to choose from:


– Camp in single tent: 985 euros

– Camp in shared tent: 957 euros

– (The tents are basic but comfortable and have a shared bathroom and shower area)

– Camp in single bungalow with shared bathroom: 1197 euros

– Camp in shared bungalow with shared bathroom: 1113 euros

– (These bungalows are comfortable and cosy, and have a shared bathroom and shower area)

– Camp in single bungalow with private bathroom: 1253 euros

– Camp in shared bungalow with private bathroom: 1197 euros

– (These are the higher grade bungalows with their own private bathroom and shower)

– Camp in single bungalow with private bathroom lagoon view: 1281 euros

– Camp in shared bungalow with private bathroom lagoon view: 1225 euros

– (These are the luxury bungalows with private bathroom and shower and an amazing lagoon view)


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Got some questions? Need more info? Write us on info@kiteboardingcamps.com and we will help you out!